Deep Work and Discipline

Hey everyone,

In the past couple months, I’ve started to notice that I’m distracted fairly consistently throughout the day by the same set of things: my phone, various websites, needing to get another seltzer. The list goes on.

So, last Sunday, I made a mental list of all the things I felt were distracting me from having a maximally focused workday. Then, I wrote down an action for each distraction, and turned the actions into a checklist on Notion.

I started following the list on Monday, and since creating some rituals for my workspace I’ve noticed a pretty big difference. On Friday, I actually forgot that I didn’t have my phone on me because I was much more consumed with the work. In general, I’ve been working in a much deeper, more focused way.

It’s not necessarily a surprise, but I’ve found that in this digital age, a little discipline goes a long way. If you have a Notion account, you can turn the checklist into a template and modify it for your use. I hope it’s helpful as you consider your own productivity and work rituals.

Pete’s Picks ✅

  1. YouTube Channel: I happened upon Liam Porritt’s channel this week and have been enjoying it. Liam is a Cambridge grad and law student in the UK, and is part of the corner of the Internet called “StudyTube,” which tends to feature a lot of “study with me” type videos. Liam’s videos have been a fun time waster/motivator for me.

  2. Musical Artist: I heard Tyson Motsenbocker about two years ago when he was touring with Judah and the Lion, but never really followed up on him. Thankfully, Spotify put him on a custom playlist for me this week, and I’ve been jamming to him ever since. I really enjoy “Come to California” and “Sunday Morning” from his latest album—highly recommend a listen.

  3. Netflix Series: I have been binging Lenox Hill on Netflix, which follows four doctors inside Lenox Hill Hospital in the Upper East Side. In college, I got really into similar medical docuseries like Boston Med and Hopkins, so it’s been an enjoyable distraction for me this weekend.

This Week’s Video 📹

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